Saturday, July 23, 2011



The foundation of our movement comes from the book
"The Streets Don’t Love You Back" Book is a Story of Strength, Prayer, and Perseverance” by Robert D. Boyd Jr. The autobiography of a man who grew up in the eastside ghetto of Detroit MI. His father a prominent Reverend and well known Author chose not to be a part of his life. His stepfather was a good man and treated him and siblings as his own, until one day when Rob was nine years old he watched his grandfather stab his stepfather to death..... and by age 10 was involved in the gang, drug violent street life..... Rob became a Boss and Drug Kingpin, spent time in and out of jail and watched many friends get killed and many friends go to prison..........
This manuscript is definitely a story of Hope, Change, Healing and Forgiveness. After reading this book you will see that c
rime doesn’t pay and “The Streets Don’t Love You Back". A MUST READ BOOK !!

Children are exploited as drug runners or dealers

and sometimes gun minders.

95% of male gang members do NOT finish high school. ‎

80% of gang members will be dead or in prison by age 20.

90% of gangstas DIE or go to PRISON !!!‎

The biggest killers of gang members are gang members.